Conclusion of 30 App in 30 Days

Next step 4 full-blown apps in 24 days
Nov 15, 2021


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Stuff I learnt

Quantity over quality

30 apps in 30 days. 4 Featured. 1 Number 1 Product of the day.
Imagine what would be the results if I spent the time only building one app.

Build in public

I love building things. But building my own personal projects is always lonely and unmotivating. Building in public gives you the incentive to keep going. It also open you up to feedback to keep improving.

What I think is ingenious ≠ What people want to use

I thought 90% of my ideas were absolute genius. Unfortunately, most didn't perform very well. In fact, it's those apps that I thought won't be a success that got featured on ProductHunt.
Predicting app success is just about as accurate as predicting the stock market.
Forget about making predictions. Build and test.

Failure desensitisation is real

The first few days were difficult. It was hard to accept that my ideas weren't a hit! Thankfully, since I knew I still had more than a dozen of tries left, failure didn't hit me that hard.
Towards the end, I stopped getting emotionally affected by the results, since I knew I can't control them.
Keep trying, keep failing, have fun!

You are limited by what you know

I reached somewhat of a bottleneck towards the end. My ideas were bounded by what I knew at the moment.
I think the best way to have more ideas is to live more!
By experiencing more of life, you will have more ideas on how to improve it.

Make making a habit

I spent the first 2-4 hours each morning on the 30 apps project.
I felt so alive the whole day after!
Expressing our creativity is innate to our human nature (at least it is to me!).
Setup a fixed schedule to do things you love.
It's the easiest way to pursue your passion and still have enough time to complete other work!

Build a mockup

Build just enough for people to know what you are talking about.
My favorite wireframing tool is whimsical.com. It's simple to use and prevents me from sweating over the details.

Brainstorm from a pivot point

Great artists steal!
Look at what is already successful then make it better.
SideNotion is inspired by similar tools such as slid.cc

Data is vital

Setup a pipeline to get data on indicators of success (visitors, subscribers, upvotes, etc).
There are some ideas I didn't have time to set them up (SharePass, Knowtion, BloodStockBot).
This makes it difficult to decide if I should continue working on them later on.

Process over outcome

Trust in the process cannot be overstated. On the 8th day, I was starting to doubt myself due to the lack of "positive" results.
Thankfully, I didn't quit because I was doing a challenge.
Focus on the process since outcomes are out of our control.

Thinking through making

The best way learn how to make, is to make!
All of the above conclusions, came about from my own experience making.

Stuff to be mindful of

Undertaking this project means exposing yourself to a large amount of external validation.
ProductHunt's UI is designed to make one attached to how much validation one gets.
Mindful brain says: Do I really need to know that I'm on a streak?
Lizard brain says: Why is my product not featured?
Mindful brain says: Do I really need to know that I'm on a streak? Lizard brain says: Why is my product not featured?
So many notifications~
So many notifications~
Towards the end of the project, I notice myself spending more time on ProductHunt checking if my new product was a hit.
Modern user interfaces are designed like slot machines.
Their variable reward mechanisms keep us coming back for more in our seek for the next dopamine rush.
Be mindful on how you spend your attention. It's priceless!

What's next

I will be build and release 4 full-blown apps in the next 24 days.
  1. SideNotion
  1. MindfulTab
  1. MindfulBuy
  1. MyCauses


30 Apps in 30 Days Done ✅

Results on ProductHunt
App 22: SideNotion - #1 Product of the day 
App 18: MyCauses - Featured
App 17: Mindful Buy - Featured
App 16: Mindful Tab - Featured

What's next?
I will be build and release 4 full-blown apps in the next 24 days. (4 in 24)
1. SideNotion
2. MindfulTab
3. MindfulBuy
4. MyCauses

Reflections and data analysis